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Residential & Commercial

DC Lock and Key specialises in new lock installations, emergency locksmith services, lock repairs and replacements, rekeying, and home safes. With over 8 years’ experience providing specialist locksmith services across a diverse range of residential homes and commercial properties, we pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, as well as competitive rates. We work with residential and commercial customers throughout the City of Fremantle.

get back into your property

So, you’ve just locked yourself out of your home. What do you do, now? First, keep calm, then Call DC Lock and Key 24-hour emergency locksmith services in the City of Fremantle. Regardless of the time, day or night, we’ll have you back in your property home or commercial premises quick as a flash! Our service is prompt and cost-effective.


DC Lock and Key in the City of Fremantle specialises in rekeying by altering existing locks and issuing new keys, without the need to replace the locks themselves. Lost your keys, or just moved into a new property, or have concerns over previous residents?  Feeling safe and secure in your residence or commercial premises is of major importance to all of us.

Repair and
replace locks

With over 8 years’ in the Locksmith industry, DC Lock and Key in the City of Fremantle have extensive experience with a wide array of different lock styles so we can recommend the most cost-effective and efficient repair solutions for your home or business. Sometimes locks do need to be replaced, so in that case, we can offer expert advice on the various options with reliable, high quality brands including Carbine Lockwood, Gainsborough and Whitco.

New lock

We pride ourselves on offering friendly and reliable service, quality products and highly competitive rates. DC Lock and Key offer our services right across the City of Fremantle to supply and install a diverse range of window and door locks to suit your needs. Our advice is tailored, cost-effective and solutions are planned out to achieve the best result specifically for you; no generic, one size fits all approach.

Sliding door
roller servicing

We know the importance of securing your home and business. At DC Lock and Key, we offer our latest service to keep your sliding windows, screens and doors operating efficiently. We maintain, repair or change rollers for screens, windows and doors to ensure they glide back and forth with ease, and close tightly to ensure your safety from intruders into your home. We offer our services across the City of Fremantle.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith Local to YOUR Area

Getting locked out of your home can be a real concern. Not to worry though, because if you live in The City of Fremantle, DC Lock and Key will come to your rescue. Dylan Cunningham and his team will be there 24/7 for all your locksmith needs. Contact DC Lock and Key for quality brands and great prices.

At DC Lock and Key, we’ve got you covered. We specialise in emergency locksmith services, lock repairs and replacements, rekeying, home safes and new lock installations. We also service and maintain your rollers on sliding doors and windows. Servicing the City of Fremantle, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service to our customers, using quality brands and maintaining very competitive prices.

Dylan began his family-owned business, DC Lock and Key in 2018 after 8 years in the industry, because he knew he could offer so much more to customers on his own terms. Dylan is a very experienced locksmith and is Security Agent licensed, so you know you can trust the advice and service he provides is of the absolute highest standard.

We work with homeowners and small business owners as well as providing locksmith services to real estate agents and builders. In addition to our manufacturers’ warranties, we offer a 3-month guarantee on our services, plus our services are fully insured.

You want to feel safe and secure; we understand that. So, when it comes to your locks you need to ensure they’re functional, but also that they blend seamlessly in with their surrounds. Quality brands are high priority, so we only use such brands as Lockwood, Gainsborough, Whitco and Carbine and we offer expert advice around the most secure and visually pleasing solutions for your property’s windows and doors.

About us

Dylan Cunningham established DC Lock and Key in 2018 after 8 years in the industry, in order to provide superior service and better tailored solutions to his customers. DC Lock and Key is a small, family owned business, who offers a comprehensively large range of new lock installation, lock repair and replacement, rekeying and emergency locksmith services. We also specialise in high-end security keys, home safes and security boxes.

DC Lock and Key takes pride in taking time to listen to our customers, so we can recommend the most secure, cost-effective and aesthetically appealing outcomes for their homes and businesses. We work with homeowners and business owners’ builders and real estate agents, covering all areas of the City of Fremantle.

DC Lock and Key provides 24-hour emergency locksmith assistance, assuring that we promptly and efficiently assist customers who have locked themselves out of their homes. Dylan is highly experienced and is a licensed Security Agent so you can be certain that you’ll always receive professional, reliable and trustworthy service.

We understand that your security is paramount, and that you want to be absolutely certain the job is done right. We work with only high-quality brands and in addition to our manufacturers’ warranties, we offer a 3-month guarantee on the quality of our workmanship. Our services are fully insured and we’re happy to share our extensive knowledge on any lock or key related queries you may have.

For the best in expert advice, competitive rates and friendly service anywhere in the City of Fremantle, talk to Dylan at DC Lock and Key today.

Our service areas include:

Melville, Fremantle, Applecross, Victoria Park, Belmont , Bayswater , Cockburn, Stirling, Canning, South Perth, Cambridge, Cottesloe , Claremont, Subiaco, Perth, East Fremantle, Vincent, Rockingham, Kewdale, kwinana, Mosman Park, Nedlands, Rockingham, Peppermint Grove, Baldivis, Bibra Lake, Murdoch

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Our Services

Residential Locksmith

DC Lock and Key are Locksmith specialists in all lock repairs and replacements, new lock installations and rekeying for residential and business properties. We also offer an extremely efficient 24-hour emergency locksmith services for people who have mistakenly locked themselves out of their homes, always arriving promptly to assist customers back into their homes quickly. We additionally specialise in all your home safe and security box needs. We predominantly service the City of Fremantle but also cover wider areas across Perth regularly assisting customers in outer suburbs. A registered Security Agent, Dylan Cunningham is proud to offer the highest level of customer service that you can absolutely trust, always striving to arrive quickly and on time greet his customers with respect and friendliness. With 8 years’ industry experience, in 2018 Dylan established DC Lock and Key in order to provide a more comprehensive level of service, to better connect with his customers and to provide more efficient response times. Dylan takes the time to understand his customer needs so he can tailor efficient and cost-effective outcomes for their properties.

Dylan can assist you regardless of the type of property you own. From apartments and high-rise flats through to townhouses, period residences and country homes, Dylan has considerable experience working across all different property types and structures.

Commercial Locksmith

You can rely upon DC Lock and Key Locksmiths for all your business locksmith needs. If your business is in the City of Fremantle, we should be your first port of call. We specialise in all new lock installations, lock repairs and replacements, and rekeying. Our 24-hour emergency locksmith services are extremely well respected due to our prompt and highly efficient service. We work with all types of business and we are highly regarded in the City of Fremantle. Other than our general business clients we also work with builders and real estate agents, providing our comprehensive locksmith services relating to their clients’ properties ensuring that are locked up tight and resistant to outside influences such as intruders and other unauthorised persons. Dylan Cunningham, the business owner is Security Agent licensed so you know you are dealing with a professional. Our high-quality brands include Gainsborough, Lockwood, Whitco and Carbine. We guarantee our workmanship for 3 months; this is in addition to manufacturers’ warranties.

At DC Lock and Key, we are experienced working on a diverse range of commercial properties for all doors, windows and security screens. We specialise in extra-high security keys and offer our expert and detailed advice on the most suitably secure, cost-effective and visually pleasing solutions for your business property. Your business security is highly important to you, so therefore us, so we pride ourselves on the meticulous attention to detail that we apply to all clients, plus the high level of customer service we provide. As a small business ourselves, we understand your time is precious so always endeavour to arrive on time and get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

When you need assistance with locksmith services or in need of advice within the City of Fremantle, contact DC Lock and Key for friendly and reliable service as well as highly competitive rates.

Emergency Locksmith

DC Lock and Key are your 24-hour emergency locksmith professionals in the City of Fremantle. If you have the misfortune of locking yourself out of your building, whether it’s your residential home or commercial premises, if it’s day or night, Dylan at DC Lock and Key will have you quickly back inside, safe and secure without drama, all at very competitive prices.

Dylan is Security Agent certified, so you know you can trust and rely on his prompt and efficient service. Dylan has 8 years’ plus experience and is knowledge with all kinds of locks, so he will perform his magic and resolve your lockout all with great care and minimal damage to your property. Dylan’s friendly nature will quickly put you at ease and have you safe and secure in no time at all.

For 24-hour emergency locksmith services in the City of Fremantle, call Dylan at DC Lock and Key.

Rekeying Locks

There could be any number of reasons why you want to have your locks rekeyed for your home or business, from previous partners, ex-employees, or dodgy ex-tenants, to moving into a new property. It’s normal to assume that in these instances the locks need to be replaced entirely, but in most instances that’s not the case. Actually, it’s more likely that you can simply have your locks rekeyed and new keys issued.

DC Lock and Key have 8 years’ experience dealing with a vast range of locks and can save you time and money with our very competitive rates for rekeying all your locks.

If you need your locks rekeyed, talk to Dylan Cunningham.at DC Lock and Key in the City of Fremantle. Our service is friendly, and we offer very competitive rates. We are fully insured and provide 3 months’ warranty on all our work.

Repair or Replace Locks

When your locks are working reliably you don’t tend to give them much thought, until something goes wrong. When your locks begin to fail due to wear and tear issues begin to appear warning you that something has to give soon. Rather than waiting for total failure act early and talk to Dylan at DC Lock and Key in the City of Fremantle. With 8 plus years of experience in assessing the functionality of all types of locks Dylan can quickly assess and advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective course of action. At DC Lock and Key, we pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and on time, and encourage you to ask questions to seek clarification on any issues. We use high quality brands such as Lockwood, Gainsborough, Carbine and Whitco.

Contact DC Lock and Key in the City of Fremantle for reliable and trusted service for all your lock rekeying, repair and replacement needs.

New Lock Installation

Securing your home or business with the right locks is imperative for the safety of you and your property. Not only do the locks you choose keep you safe but can also keep your insurance premiums in check. At DC Lock and Key, we’ve helped hundreds of homes, families and businesses secure their property with new high-quality locks which look great and blend seamlessly into their surrounds, We happily discuss with you the most suitable solutions at a highly cost-effective rate. We use only high-quality brands such as Lockwood, Carbine, Gainsborough and Whitco.

Dylan is a fully licensed Security Agent and offers a wealth of expertise around all things locks. He prides himself on excellent customer service, treating all his customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. For expert new lock installations across the City of Fremantle, contact Dylan at DC Lock and Key today.

Sliding door roller servicing

There’s nothing worse than sliding doors that don’t work properly. Not only is it extremely annoying but it’s very unsafe too. To ensure your home or commercial building is as safe as houses DC Lock and Key services and changes rollers on existing sliding doors and screens so they slide smoothly and efficiently.

When dust, dirt and small stones build up over time and get wedged into door and screen tracks damage occurs to the rollers and stops them from functioning correctly. If rollers are out of adjustment, doors and screens become difficult to open and close. They may also be potentially dangerous to you due to injury and compromise the security of your home and commercial premises. Whether its glass sliding doors, flyscreens or security screens, DC Lock and Keys’ cost -effective and hassle-free service gets your doors and screens sliding like they are brand new again.

DC Lock and Key is fully insured and offers 3 months warranty on all our services. We are your trusted expert for servicing and changing rollers for sliding doors and screens.


I locked myself out of my home and had an appointment to get to. Dylan was at my house within 30 minutes and let me back into my home. His service was fast, friendly, and affordable. Would recommend DC Lock and Key to anyone!

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